The 6th MALIPHANT Jamboree

Date: August 9th 2014

Venue: Caeffatri Bar & Grill, Bridgend

Arranger: Phil Evans [##46005-48002]

Spacious venue, with good food. Taffy Apples cider good as well ……

Some factlets from the 2014 Jamboree …..

  • A total of 17 people attended the Bridgend gathering (scroll down to see the list)
    • 4 of them were attending for the first time

Use the link at the top of this page to see the pictures of the day.

- - - - ATTENDEES - - - -

NameHome TownCountryChartRef#
Alan BolandNeath, GlamorganWalesF-1647082-48002
Clare BolandNeath, GlamorganWalesF-1647082-49002
Dorothea BolandNeath, GlamorganWalesF-1647082-50001
Jane BolandWesterham, KentEnglandF-1647082-49001
Geoff CulshawNewport, ShropshireEnglandF-0345024-49504
Janet CulshawNewport, ShropshireEnglandF-0345024-49004
Nicholas EvansBridgend, GlamorganWalesA-1046005-49002
Philip EvansTenby, PembrokeshireWalesA-1046005-48002
Sue GomezSwansea, GlamorganWalesA-1046005-48004
Patsy Ann HartnellSt Brides Major, GlamorganWalesA-1046005-48003
Pauline HowarthSouthsea, HampshireEnglandA-0948016
Tony HowarthSouthsea, HampshireEnglandA-0948516
Bruce MaliphantReading, BerkshireEnglandJ-0648059
Mandi MaliphantReading, BerkshireEnglandJ-0648559
Ivor PhillipsTelford, ShropshireEnglandA-1146006-48002
Bethan StokesSidcup, KentEnglandA-1146006-49003
Joan StokesSidcup, KentEnglandA-1146006-48004