The Origin of the Maliphant Golf Challenge

To start with – a quote:

Maliphant was the name of the manager of the Morewood Steel and Tinplate Works (South Wales Works) who went out to Gas City,
Indiana (USA) to oversee the construction of a tinplate works there in 1892. He took a large group of Morewood workers with him and production started in 1893 under Maliphant as manager and a workforce mainly from LLanelli. It was, at the time, the largest tinplate works in the world
Maliphant Row, in Machynys, was named after him.

The gentleman referred to is Charles Maliphant (1854-1906 [##45007]) – who appears on our Chart A.
Maliphant Row (later called Piano Street and Dock Terrace) was eventually cleared in readiness for redevelopment sometime between 1966 and 1972.

However, when Machynys Peninsula Golf and Country Club was created in 2005 on the site of some of the old tinplate works, they named the holes after various historical names and places and the 10th hole (410 yd par 4) is called Maliphant !
The original quote above is from their hole-by-hole course guide.

During discussions around the table at the 2014 Jamboree in Bridgend, I recited the above quote and golfing reference.
Immediately, Pauline Howarth [##48016] and Joan Stokes [##46006-48004] who are both keen golfers said ‘we’ll have to go and play there’!
The conversation developed to the point where they decided it might be a grand idea to get other interested players to join up on the Friday before the Upton Castle Jamboree in 2015.

And the rest, as they say, is history. We have a trophy and a mascot and the event takes place annually like the Jamboree 🙂 .

Further history of the Machynys area can be found here.